Work Programme

Research activities have been structured according to the following work packages (WP)

Work Packages

These are the main objectives of each work package:

WP1 - Management has as a main objective to manage and coordinate the INNOBITE project as a whole, providing the partners with the required organization, supervision and leadership level that allows the delivery of high quality results within the given timeframe and budget. 

WP2 - From wastes to valuable products aims to generate valuable products from natural waste that will  later be integrated as a key ingredient into novel biocomposites. 

WP3 - High performance Thermosetting Biocomposites is focused on a novel biocomposite formulation which is at least 50% bio-based and has  the same mechanical properties of conventional phenolic systems using at least 10% less resin.

WP4 - Advanced Thermoplastic Biocomposites deals with the development of thermoplastic biocomposites with improved properties, overcoming commercial WPC solutions by >10% on at least one of the following properties: surface hardness, water absorbency and durability. The developed biocomposites are expected to be >95wt%  bio-based origin and biodegradable.

WP5 - Up-Scaling aims to be INNOBITE´s "proof of concept", paving the way and proving the viability of using the technologies and developed solutions at a large scale.

WP6 - Technical evaluation has as a main objective to evaluate the properties of the prototypes produced in WP5, in order to assess the achievement of the objectives initially stated.

WP7 - Environmental Credentials Assessment is focused on the environmental evaluation of products and processes developed within INNOBITE project, through Life Cycle Assessment. Life Cycle Cost and Environmental Technology Verification tools.

WP8 - Dissemination & Exploitation deals with the dissemination and exploitation strategies of the project outputs.