Work Programme

WP4 Advanced Thermoplastic Biocomposites

In WP4, lignin and functionalized cellulose fibres obtained from wheat straw, and functionalized microfibrillated cellulose (MFC), obtained from recovered paper will be combined and transformed into thermoplastic biocomposites with improved properties

Two major lines will be followed, which are expected to lead to two different advanced thermoplastic biocomposites: the first will be composed of Lignin-Thermoplastic (L-TP) and functionalized MFC, and the second one will be have a core-shell distribution of L-TP + functionalized cellulose fibres (core) and L-TP+silica (shell). 

Both are expected to improve current wood-polymer-composites (WPC) commercial products by >10%  in properties such as surface hardness, water absorbency and durability. In addition, the developed biocomposites are expected to be >95% biodegradable.


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