Work Programme

WP2 From Wastes to Valuable Products

The general objective of WP2 is to generate valuable products from natural wastes that will be later integrated as a key ingredient into novel biocomposites. In detail the work will seek for:

  • Developing a process with minimum environmental impact to transform highly recycled paper into a specialty cellulose pulp that can be subsequently converted into high quality MFC at reduced energy consumption.
  • Developing an efficient and ecologic process for the extraction of silica from wheat straw.
  • Obtain a specialty cellulose pulp from recycled paper (as defined before) and silica, regular cellulose pulp and lignin from wheat straw.
  • Obtain microfibrillated cellulose (MFC) out of the specialty pulp.
  • Chemically functionalize MFC and regular cellulose pulp to improve their compatibility with polymeric resins.


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