Consortium Members


Valtion Teknillinen Tutkimuskeskus (VTT) Technical Research Centre of Finland is the biggest contract research organization in Northern Europe. VTT is a non-profit organization with an extensive history in processing and natural materials research, particularly with cellulosic fibre reinforcement. This research includes developing new materials as well as the process equipment, an example of which is the unique conical extruder developed for WPC. VTT’s Biomaterials and Processing Group will be main participant in INNOBITE; it is specialized in providing solutions for the processing of biocomposites and fibre chemical modifications.

The team is part of VTT’s knowledge centre Process Chemistry, with capacity to produce micro to pilot scale materials, covering monomer/polymer/fibre modification, through melt processing all the way to the final product molding trials.

Role in the project

Leader of WP4 Advanced Thermoplastic Biocomposites

Participation in:

  • The formulation and microscale melt processing of L-TP resin and silica particles.
  • The co-extrusion of the previous mixture (shell) with a L-TP and MFC blend (core) and the extrusion of L-TP and chemically modified cellulose fibers.
  • The up-scale of previous formulations into prototype profiles.
  • The running of biodegradability tests on the most promising final products (including both L-TS and L-TS biocomposites).