Consortium Members


FUNDACIÓN TECNALIA Research &Innovation is the leading private technological research entity in Spain and the fifth largest in Europe, operating in fields like Sustainable Development, Industry and Transport, ICT-European Software Institute, Innovation and Society and Health. 

The Construction Unit is the segment directly involved with the INNOBITE project. This unit covers several research lines and is specialized in providing new solutions to the technological demands of the Construction and Building Industries based on ecological and sustainable approaches. 

TECNALIA Construction Unit, has 10+ years of experience on the reuse/recycling of waste materials for construction. It has developed building materials based on treated waste and industrial by-products, and valorised waste materials in civil infrastructures.

Role in the project

Leader of WP1 Management

Participation in:

  • The development of a novel extraction method of silica from wheat straw and a paper recycling process  oriented to low energy MFC production.
  • The chemical modification of cellulose fibers and MFC.
  • The synthesis of a new L-TS resin and the preparation of an advanced LTP biocomposite for construction applications.