Biocomposites for EcoConstruction


Tecnalia┬┤s Division for Sustainable Construction organizes a workshop on BioNanoComposites for the construction sector, on 20th of February from 9 to 14 in the M2building of Tecnalia in the Technological Park of Miramon, San Sebastian.

The workshop is framed within INNOBITE, a collaborative project funded by the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Programme, led by TECNALIA and with the participation of other European research centers and companies: VTT, EMPA,EXERGY, VERTECH, TECNARO, ECOPULP, ACF and CIMV.

This event is presented as an opportunity to share knowledge and experiences on important aspects of the project,  including not only the legal framework in the construction sector at European level and the environmental impact of these biomaterials, but also the latest scientific developments in terms of bio-based reinforcements and thermosetting polymers. Likewise, the workshop will feature two invited talks that will extend the depth of the developments carried out in the project: Advanced Nanocomposites (Galder Kortaberria, UPV/EHU) and Permaculture and Sustainability in the Costruction Sector (David Gonzalez, Iraun Permakultura). The conference will be in English (mostly) and Spanish. INNOBITE European project aims to have a direct impact on the 3 key priorities set by the European Union in its Europe 2020 Strategy:

1) the development of a knowledge and innovation based economy (Smart Growth),

2) promote natural resources efficiency (Sustainable Development) and

3) strengthen an employment generator economy (Inclusive Growth).

For that applies the latest scientific advances to the revaluation of two natural sub-products and trusts in SMEs as a way of development.

Biocomposites demand is growing, and new sub - sectors such as sustainable construction are settling in the market strongly supported by very favorable policies and increasingly social awareness. Products developed in the project INNOBITE are generating new business opportunities for the construction sector industries, but also for those of composites and natural fibers, allowing them to open up new markets and encouraging the creation of new companies and business models.

INNOBITE´s 2nd Workshop Programme