Progress Update: From Waste to Valuable Products


The main focus of work in the early stages of the project has been in the development of methods for the environmentally acceptable generation of the key ingredients required for production of INNOBITE's novel bio-composites. This has included...

1. An efficient and ecological process for the extraction of silica, lignin and cellulose pulp from wheat straw,

2. A new recycling process which allows for the production of speciality pulp from highly recycled paper.

3. A method for obtaining MFC out of cellulose pulp from wheat straw and speciality pulp from recycled paper

In the coming 18 months, work in this area will be focussed on chemically functionalizing both the MFC and cellulose pulp to optimise their performance by improving their compatibility with resins which are to be developed later in the project.

Tags: recycled paper, bio-composites, wheat straw, silica, cellulose pulp