INNOBITE, Transforming urban and agricultural residues into high performance biomaterials for Green Construction

  • Free audio webinar: Wednesday 26th August 16.00 CET

    You are invited to register for the webinar: Lignin-based Biocomposites: Applications and new developments.This live audio webinar is supported by the EU-funded INNOBITE project and is FREE to attend.

    Presenter: Dr Michael Schweizer, Tecnaro GmbH.

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  • The Bio-Composites in Construction international conference

    The Bio-Composites in Construction international conference (BCIC) took place on May 21st & 22nd 2015 at the Society of Chemical Industry in London. The conference brought together both academics and industrialists from around the world to report and discuss the latest developments on topics incorporating the entire bio-composite value chain – from raw materials to finished products, from science to commercial realisation. The event was part of the EU project, INNOBITE and is free for all participants.

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  • Review series 1- Biorefinery and Nanocellulose

    A summary of the seven talks that were given on Septembre 16th 2013 at the EMPA Akademie, Dubendorf (Switzerland) in the frame of the 1st INNOBITE WORKSHOP. The summary of these talks conform the 1st INNOBITE REVIEW SERIES, which intend to disseminate the project’s goals and ongoing work in the industrial environment.


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  • The need to move towards a European society with a high level of resource efficiency

    INNOBITE proposes Smart, innovative eco-efficient solutions to transform urban residue and undervalued agricultural by-products into high performing materials.

    The INNOBITE Project combines Biorefinery, Nanotechnology, Computer Modelling and Sustainable Chemistry to develop a new series of biocomposites entirely based on wheat straw and recycled paper.

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  • Emerging Green Construction Sector

    These novel biocomposites will make a significant contribution to the emerging GREEN CONSTRUCTION sector. They will take over current non-sustainable solutions at an environmental level and by improving their absolute properties.

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