Expected Impact

The need to move towards more sustainable patterns of consumption and production

The new processes that will be developed within the INNOBITE project will suppose a significant step towards the rationalization use of natural resources and therefore will contribute to reaching the three objectives of the Europe 2020 Strategy:

1. Smart growth through the development of an economy based on knowledge and innovation.

2. Sustainable growth promoting a resource efficient, green and more competitive economy.

3. Inclusive growth fostering a high-employment economy.

INNOBITE creates new market opportunities for an eco-efficient technology and processes contributing to increase resource productivity and recycling waste as a resource of secondary raw materials, which will offer SMEs new opportunities .

The expected environmental characteristics of INNOBITE products will make a difference in a market where construction products will have to declare the environmental impacts. Integration in the market will be facilitated by schemes such as Green Public Procurement and Ecolabel for buildings, which  already require the use of products with good environmental properties.