Consortium Members


Advance Composite Fibres (ACF) is a Spanish high-tech SME focused on the advanced materials market. The company is based in Madrid, Spain. ACF is a company specialized in the overall design and application of composites based in fibre reinforced polymers, mainly CFRP and GFRP structural and non-structural elements, providing technical solutions in Spain and Latin America.

The ACF mission is to be a high-tech company leading the application of new technologies and new materials in various industrial fields: retrofitting of buildings, bridges and almost any facility. ACF has a multidisciplinary team of professionals coming from different areas, whose vast experience and background contribute to each one of the fields where ACF offers its services.


Role in the project

Leader of WP3 High-Performance Thermosetting Biocomposites

Participation in:

  • The industrial exploitation of the INNOBITE products related to thermosetting research line.
  • The modelling, manufacturing and testing of biocomposites made of L-TS resin reinforced with MFC films.
  • The scale-up of the best performing biocomposite, to come up with a prototype panel for indoor applications.